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Latest ‘Simon’s Cat’ Cartoon Explains Why Cats Love Boxes

Whether it’s big or small, cardboard boxes are the cat’s meow for our furry feline friends.

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Cats and boxes are synonymous in most homes. Find out why while having a few laughs.

It’s no secret that if you place a box anywhere near your cat, chances are he will claim it as his own. But have you ever wondered why?

The latest installment of the “Simon’s Cat Logic” series takes a stab at answering just that.

Like in past episodes featuring the fun-loving cartoon feline, British illustrator and artist Simon Toland includes expert advice and explanations on why cats are so unique and do the weird things they do.

“Why Do Cat’s Love Boxes?/The Box” is a fun and entertaining look at what happens during the time Simon places a box down in the middle of a room and returns with the items to go into the box.

It doesn’t take much time before Simon’s Cat decides to check out the cardboard magnet and begin pushing it around, turning it over, biting a piece off, which he then places inside to nonchalantly pretend nothing happened after jumping on and falling off it.

Do these "types" of boxes look familiar to you? Via Simon's Cat/YouTube

Do these “types” of boxes look familiar to you? Via Simon’s Cat/YouTube

“What I liked about designing this box film was trying to think of all the different way cats use boxes,” Toland says during the short. “It was nice to get all that into the film.”

He also suggested the “types” of boxes a cat entertains itself with: The Sleeping Box, The Lookout, The Ambush, The Noisy Box, The Playhouse and The Fun House are just a few.

One cat plus one box often equals a mess. Via Simon's Cat/YouTube

One cat plus one box often equals a mess. Via Simon’s Cat/YouTube

So what’s up with a cat’s undeniable infatuation with these square-shaped, cardboard creations?

“They feel safe having something closed, particularly something with sides,” cat behavior specialist Nicky Trevorrow says in the film. “All cats need to be able to hide, not just the scaredy-cats and not just when there’s fireworks outside.”

Trevorrow suggests turning one into a cheap enrichment toy by filling it with some food, leaves, sealing it and creating a couple of holes. She says this allows humans to feed cats “in a more interesting way that’s more mentally stimulating compared to feeding them in a food bowl.

Cat Behavior Specialist Nicky Trevorrow provides some insight into why cats can't stay out of a box. Via Simon's Cat/YouTube

Cat Behavior Specialist Nicky Trevorrow provides some insight into why cats can’t stay out of a box. Via Simon’s Cat/YouTube

“Then watch your cat having hours of fun while they try to hunt out those biscuits in the box,” she adds.

Is your cat into boxes? Check out the short film to also learn what hashtag to use to share your cat box anecdotes on social media … and with Petcha on Twitter and Facebook.

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