Latest Optical Illusion Has People Wondering, ‘Is That A Hole In That Cat?’

A cat in the United Arab Emirates appears to have a hole in its side.

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Is that a hole in that cat? Via hanamomoact/Twitter
Cari Jorgensen

Why are cats such easy optical illusion fodder? They have us questioning whether there’s only one cat and its shadow or two cats sitting side-by-side. They make us puzzle for hours and debate online about which way they’re going on a staircase. Now, a cat in the United Arab Emirates leaves us asking the question, “Does that cat have a hole in its side?”

Twitter user @hanamomoact posted pictures of the cat last week walking in the sand.

Looks like a hole in its stomach, right?

Looking at it this way doesn’t make it any better. Totally a hole.

Except, of course, that it’s not. The cat’s coloring just so happens to match the sand it’s walking on, giving us the illusion that there’s a hole in its stomach.

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