Late Entry to a Dog Show

The judge has the final say whether to allow a dog and handler who show up late.

Q. At a recent dog show, one judge was doing the entire Sporting Group, breed by breed. A single entry in one breed failed to appear and was presumed absent, but the handler arrived late and the judge allowed the dog to be shown. Is this appropriate?

A. Judges have ultimate say in how their rings are conducted but most are understanding in these matters. In the case of the show you attended, since the breed had only a single entry, it did not create organizational or recording problems for the judge to allow the handler to show the dog, out of order.

If there had been competition in the breed and the class had already been judged or a Best of Breed awarded, it would have been too late to allow the dog and handler in the ring. The procedure is always to approach the steward unobtrusively with your request, who will then check with the judge.

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