Last-Minute Details

CAT FANCY editing goes side by side with preparing for a business trip.

Leaving for a business trip is generally a stressful experience and this week’s whirlwind leading up to the Cat Writers’ Conference in White Plains, N.Y., is no exception.

Not only is CAT FANCY shipping (that’s publishing lingo for “editors scrambling to complete the issue to send to production”) on the day I leave, but we successfully completed our third Cat College video shoot yesterday, starring our ever-willing art director, Jerome Callens, and our cool-as-a-cucumber illustrator, Tom Kimball.

While editing stories for our February issue, I’m contemplating what to write for my Editor’s Note, and at the same time checking the weather reports to see if I need to buy a coat on my lunch break. Did I ever tell you multi-tasking was my middle name? We won’t even discuss laundry, packing and making sure my sweet cats, Madison, Sophie and Chloe, have enough food and litter while I’m away (a friend will come by every day to check on them).

I know it’s all worth it, however, to be surrounded by fellow writers who are as passionate about felines as I am. New York, here I come!

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