Neighbors Constantly Mistake Giant 27-Pound House Cat For A Bobcat

Spock is a Maine Coon cat, weighs 27 pounds, is nearly 4 feet long and gets mistaken for a wild animal all the time.

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Spock isn't a wild animal, but he sure is big! Via Lisa Amin ABC7/Twitter

Most full-grown adult house cats weigh about 10 pounds, depending on the breed, gender and length of the cat.

Well, Spock is not most cats. He weighs in at 27 pounds, is almost 4 feet long and is often mistaken for a bobcat, according to ABC News 7.

Spock and his owner, Colleen Pizarev, live in San Jose, California. He’s a big dude, even for a Maine Coon, and animal control has been called several times by folks who think Spock is a wild animal on the loose. And apparently, living with a cat as big as Spock isn’t easy, because he has the ability to open doors on his own, and he’s prone to knocking things over with his giant body.    

“It’s a lot like having a toddler in the house,” Pizarev told ABC News 7. “We have to Spock-proof the house.”

What, exactly, does that entail? Oh, you know, using earthquake putty to secure all of her home decor items on top of tables.

Spock also reportedly watches YouTube videos to fall asleep and eats a pound of food a day.

So, yeah. Spock’s a large, magnificent beast.

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