Large Apartment-Friendly Dogs

Certain medium and large dog breeds can adapt well to apartment living with regular exercise.

Q. Can you suggest some breeds that would work well in an apartment with a cat? I am finally in a position to have a dog as I live in a large three-bedroom apartment. I am able to take the dog out twice a day for at least one hour each time. A couple of days a week I would take him to a puppy daycare so he can become socialized with other people and dogs. On the weekends he would be out with us all the places we can take him. I am partial to medium and large breeds.

A. You didn’t mention how old your cat is or if the cat has been exposed to dogs in the past.

Although you mentioned “puppy daycare,” I would encourage you to consider an adult dog since I assume you’ll be working outside your home during the week. Unless you are looking for a dog to show, I suggest contacting breed rescue groups and explaining your living situation (spacious apartment, adult cat, no backyard but regular leash walking). Rescue groups carefully assess their dogs before adopting them out so they know if a particular dog is good with children, cats and other small pets, etc.

Greyhounds make lovely apartment dogs, but beware prey drive. Many of the volunteers who foster ex-track dogs have cats themselves, so they will be in the best position to find a suitable dog with low prey drive.

A Standard Poodle is a charming, affectionate, and highly intelligent dog that does well in the city with regular exercise. Again, you want to find one that has been accustomed to living with cats. Professional grooming will be an ongoing expense, but there will be no shedding hair to sweep up or vacuum.

Another large breed that adapts surprisingly well to apartment living is the Bullmastiff. This is generally a sweet breed with low energy and a short coat. They shed and they drool, and again, you’ll want to find a rescue dog that can live amicably with cats.

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