Lakeland Terrier Takes BIS at Montgomery 2012

GCh. Iron Van Foliny Home triumphs at the world’s most famous Terrier show in Blue Bell, Pa.

At the 2012 Montgomery County Kennel Club show on Sunday, October 7, judge Paolo Dondina of Italy awarded Best in Show to the Lakeland Terrier GCh. Iron Van Foliny Home. The champion is handled by Gabriel Rangel and owned by Victor Malzoni Jr. of Brazil.

Mr. Dondina found his Group 2nd in the Scottish Terrier GCh. Lomondview Clementina, owned by John and Daphne Eggert and handled by Ernesto Lara. Group 3rd went to the Airedale Terrier GCh. Joval Angel’s Whisper, handled by Adam Bernardin and owned by Dr. Valeria Rickard and John Rickard. Mr. Dondina’s Group 4th went to GCh. Wedigit Paparazzi, the Smooth Fox Terrier handled by Matias Mato and owned by Trudy Haines.

Montgomery 2012 saw an entry of 1,838 Terriers, down from last year’s entry of 1,945. Last year’s BIS winner (2011) was Sealyham Terrier GCh. Efbe’s Goodspice Easy Money. The 2013 Montgomery County Kennel Club show will be held on Sunday, October 6, 2013.

The Montgomery County show, voted the Winkie® winner for Dog Show of the Year in 2010 by Dogs In Review magazine readers, has been the mecca for top Terriers since 1929. Read more in-depth coverage of the 2012 Montgomery County Kennel Club show in the upcoming November 2012 issue of Dogs In Review.

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