Laid-Back Cat Loves To Be Vacuumed

Bobo the cat can’t get enough of his vacuum cleaner grooming sessions.

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Cat getting vacuumed
"Yeah, that's the spot. Get those toe beans." Via BoboNikita/Rumble
Stephanie Brown

Most pets hate the vacuum cleaner. It’s a big scary monster that will eat you up if you don’t run and hide. Then there’s this cat.

Bobo loves the vacuum cleaner. Not only does he stay put when the vacuum turns on, but he also enjoys being vacuumed.

A Rumble video posted by BoboNikita shows just how much this extremely laid back feline enjoys these vacuum cleaner grooming sessions. In the video, Bobo lets his human run the vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment all over him on various occasions.

He seems to be particularly fond of having his feet…

…and his chin vacuumed.

Bobo had an interest in the brush attachment since he was a kitten.

“When Bobo was a little kitten (about 2-3 months old) he liked to play with the brush, but his two brothers were afraid and they “disappeared” when their owner started to use the vacuum cleaner,” the video description reads. “When Bobo was bigger, his owner tried to use the same type of brush (like in this video) on his back. He was surprised and a little scared, but after 2-3 ‘sessions’ he started to like being vacuumed. Now it’s a ritual for him!”

Getting Bobo used to the vacuum is actually pretty genius, because regular grooming reduces shedding and that means less hair around the house. Why vacuum the hair off the floor when you can vacuum it directly off the cat?

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