Lady Gaga Introduces Cutest Little Frenchie To The World

The Frenchie puppy is the third bulldog in Lady Gaga's family.

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Lady Gaga has added a third French Bulldog to her family. Isn’t he the cutest little dog? Via ladygaga/Instagram
John Virata

Lady Gaga announced on her Instagram page the latest puppy to her pack of French Bulldogs. The cute, yet-to-be-named little pup is black and white with a black mark behind one of his eyes.

Although the bundle of bulldog joy has yet to be officially named, Lady Gaga has some creative nicknames (“Cowpig,” “Moopig”) that she shared Instagram.

Her other two Frenchies, Koji and Asia, greeted the new addition with open paws. Asia was gifted to Lady Gaga by her former fiancé, Taylor Kinney, in 2014. Asia is a star in her own right, having modeled for American fashion house Coach when she was just a puppy and last year had a prominent role in the Coach Pups campaign. Koji joined the pack in 2015, according to

Moopig (or Cowpig) is just the cutest little Frenchie. Koji and Miss Asia will certainly make good role models for the little guy.

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