Ladies, We All Must Have This Cat Handbag Like Right Now

Gentlemen, this is the perfect gift to give your cat-loving lady friends.

Cats are amazing, but we can’t carry them around like a purse all day, no matter how well they go with our outfit. Japanese artist Pico understands that dilemma and has created cat handbags just for us… because of course cat lovers want all things cat.

Not only will these cat bags carry all your essentials (such as cell phone, wallet and kitty treats for when you get home to your real-life cat), they also look a lot like real cats. Each cat purse is handmade out of faux fur and then airbrushed to look like various breeds.

Take a look at these must-have cat accessories:

Cute, right? So far they’ve only been for sale randomly on Yahoo! Auction, going for as much as $700. These cat handbags make the perfect gifts for cat lovers on your shopping list this Christmas, for upcoming birthdays or even as a treat for yourself. If you’re feeling particularly generous, two of us at Cat Fancy have birthdays in December. Just sayin’.

To find out more about these cat bags, follow the artist on Twitter at @picopoco08.

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