Ladies, There is a Hello Kitty Beauty Spa and We All Must Go

A Hello Kitty-themed beauty salon is open in Dubai.

I have not come across too many themed beauty salons. Actually, I don’t think I’ve come across any. But one exists and it has the greatest theme any cat lover could think of: Hello Kitty. The only problem is you have to travel all the way to UAE to visit it. We’re guessing it’s worth the trip.

The Hello Kitty Beauty Spa is open in Dubai at the Town Centre Jumeirah and offers beauty services to younger and older females alike, from little girls (“Princesses”) to grown women (“Queens”), according to Gizmodiva. Check out some of their services:

After you (and possibly your daughter) have glammed yourself up Hello Kitty style, you can visit the Hello Kitty café in the spa, which sells yummy goodies such as cookies, cupcakes, flavored teas and juices.

Take a peek at what it looks like on the inside:

What do you think, ladies? Would you visit the Hello Kitty Beauty Spa in Dubai?

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