Labrador Soothes Crying Baby, Could Comfort Us All

We all need Lab kisses right now.

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Can you come over to our house, Peanut? Please? Via peanutthelab/Rumble
Anastasia Thrift

There is one hero on whom we are pinning all our hopes right now: this Labrador Retriever, comforting this baby.

Peanut the Lab uses her calming presence (and dog kisses) to soothe a baby in a video on Rumble. She frequently helps her tiny human friend in pictures and videos on Instagram and we see here that she has just the right touch to make everything OK.

When she sees the crying baby, she thinks for a minute then goes right in to kiss the fussing infant. She looks up a couple of times, maybe to see if she’s doing the right thing or maybe to make sure that everyone knows the baby needs a little extra love.

"There, there."  Via  peanutthelab/Rumble

“There, there.” Via peanutthelab/Rumble

There are a lot of unhappy people right now. Half the country (more, technically). If only all people could have their our own Peanut to comfort them.

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