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Labradoodle Gallops Into Several Strange Scenarios In Ridiculously Cute Photoshop Battle

This Labradoodle looks like it's flying, so of course, the photo was perfect for a Photoshop battle on Reddit.

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This flying pup just got to accomplish way more than just flying. Via miijok/Reddit

It doesn’t take much for a photo to become the perfect candidate for a Photoshop battle. People with hilarious facial expressions, babies in weird positions, and of course, animals who look like they’re flying are the most popular.

And a photo of a Labradoodle mid-gallop is the latest subject of Reddit’s favorite game. The photo of the dog running through grass on a sunny day was originally posted on Reddit by miijok, just one day ago. Since then, Reddit users have been hard at work putting the flying pup is various scenarios, both realistic and fictional, and the results are overwhelmingly awesome.

Here are some of our favorites.

1. Pup On Parade

See, if the floats looked more realistic, it would be good family fun for people of all ages. Not just kids.

2. Pup Phoning Home

All this time, we thought aliens were bald, green guys with giant eyes. They’re dogs!

3. Space Pup

One small step for man, yada yada yada… and one GIANT LEAP for canine kind.

4. Pup Food Model

If this dog doesn’t score an endorsement deal with IAMS after this, we will be utterly shocked.

5. Pup Chases Kitten

Now we know why this dog was in such a rush.

6. Tiny Dog, Tiny Coat

Well, it wouldn’t be a Labradoodle without the lab coat, am I right?

7. Pup Wars

The force is clearly with the dog, since it can fly.

8. Neverending Puppy

Guys, guess what? Falkor is a dad! And this pup is his adorable offspring.

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