La Vida Parrot

Mornings always start the same lately. T.K (short for Takeru) wakes me up before my alarm, chirping at the top of his lungs to his reflection in a mirror. For a 3-inch tall parrotlet, I never see how he can be loud enough to wake me up from a deep sleep. Every morning I think about how I need to pad my walls and that’s when Tori, my lovebird, sensing I’m awake, starts ringing her bell.

I don’t cover my birds’ cages at night since they are in bed by 8. They wake up when I come back into the room to sleep and Tori will give me her goodnight chirp before we all retire for the night. When morning comes around, we all get up together so it works out.

Now, Tori my lovebird is usually pretty good when I tell her to go back to bed. She’ll go back to her favorite spot and wait until I finally crawl out of bed in the morning before she starts chirping up a storm and attacking her bell again. Josh, my other lovebird, is half-way in his food bowl hunting for treats, so no peeps out of him. 

But T.K. is determined to continue his conversation with his parrotlet reflection no matter how much I ask of him to go back to bed. And by ask, I mean beg. And by beg, I mean I end up sounding like a 5-year-old whining at my 3-inch bird: “T.K. pleeease be quiet.”

But I suppose I can’t really blame them. And I do have to be up to get ready for work. So I feed them, water them, say goodbye and head out the door, off from one bird world to the next. I get into my cubicle with my bird statues and plushies and sit down to see what’s going on in the bird community.

Some days, nothing much is happening; others, are full or surprises. Web editor, Crystal Apilado and I finally figure out how the BirdChannel Bird eClub baseball games are being played and we make signs for the teams we support.

“The parrot life.” That’s what I’ve started calling it. From being woken up by birds, to Bird Talk to coming home to a greeting chirp from Tori and T.K talking incessantly to the parrotlet in the mirror. Josh is back in his food bowl, and I wonder if he’s ever bothered leaving it since the morning.

My life: The parrot life.

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