L.A. Dogs Transported to Find New Homes

Continental Airlines teams up with spcaLA to help homeless Chihuahuas.

Homeless Chihuahuas sent to HoustonHomeless Chihuahuas were sent by plane last week to a new life in Houston courtesy of Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles’s Air Chihuahua project and Continental Airlines, which donated the dogs’ flights.

Within one day, six of the 29 Chihuahuas sent to Houston were adopted, including Duncan, a 3-year-old longhaired Chihuahua mix who had been with spcaLA for two months.

“Chihuahuas are the No. 1 breed in Los Angeles with over 60,000 registered, and their population keeps growing,” says Madeline Bernstein, president of spcaLA. “Through Air Chihuahua, spcaLA matches their abundant supply of Chihuahuas with the great demand for them in other states. Chihuahuas who may have been guests of spcaLA for months are adopted within a matter of hours.”

On February 11th, spcaLA plans to take Air Chihuahua international by sending 30 Chihuahuas to the Edmonton Humane Society in Edmonton Alberta, Canada.

To learn more about Air Chihuahua visit www.spcala.com/chihuahua

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