Kylie Minogue Steps Out with Ex’s Dog

Pop singer Kylie Minogue proves breaking up his hard to do when there’s a dog in the picture.

Kylie Minogue may have split from longtime boyfriend Olivier Martinez, but she clearly hasn’t been able to make a clean break from his dog Sheba.

The singer was photographed walking Sheba in Paris on Tuesday. Earlier this month, paparazzi captured Minogue on a similar stroll with the mixed-breed dog.

The London-based Minogue recently recovered from a widely publicized battle with breast cancer and is back on tour. She was reportedly in Paris for a checkup with her doctors.

During her four-year relationship with the French actor, Minogue regularly spoke about her love for the dog, who she says was initially slow to accept another female in Martinez’s life.

“It was a territorial thing,” she told a reporter for the British newspaper Mirror. “But she was very important during my [cancer] treatment. There were many long hugs on the sofa.”

Apparently Sheba will continue to comfort her, even though the Grammy-winning Minogue and Martinez are no longer together. Jake Shears, Minogue’s longtime friend and Scissor Sisters frontman, told Grazia magazine that he isn’t surprised by her dedication to her ex-boyfriend’s dog.

“Kylie loves that dog,” he said. “I’m sure she’ll still see her whenever she likes.”

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