Kristin Chenoweth Talks About Buying a Dog

The actress says she spent part of her first big Hollywood paycheck on Madeline, her Maltese.

Kristin Chenoweth likes to spend money on her loved ones. In fact, Chenoweth says she spent part of her first big paycheck as an actor to buy her dog, a Maltese she named Madeline.

“And I bought a pink doggie car seat,” Chenoweth tells Parade Magazine.

Chenoweth has since made millions in Hollywood on TV shows like “The West Wing” and “Kristin” and on Broadway (she won a Tony Award for her “Wicked” performance), but the actress considers Madeline, named for her idol, the late stage and film actress Madeline Kahn, her best purchase yet.

Oh, and that pink doggie car seat. “Maddie likes to sit [in it] in the front near me with the window rolled down, so she can feel the air,” says the actress, who plays Olive on ABC’s “Pushing Daises.” “Her long white hair flies in the breeze like she’s Marilyn Monroe.”

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