Cat Named Koyuki Always Looks Angry, Even When She’s Happy

When it comes to rocking a RBF, nobody does it quite like a cat named Koyuki.

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Koyuki may or may not be in a bad mood. Impossible to tell. Via marugaodesuyo/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

Anyone born with a RBF (resting b*tch face) will tell you that most of the time, they aren’t mad. It’s just how their face looks. So back off already, JEEZ!

And when it comes to cats, nobody understands the art of the scowl better than Grumpy Cat, right? Well, a cat named Koyuki might even have a grumpier mug than Grumpy Cat.

Koyuki is 9-year-old Scottish Fold cat living in Japan, and showing off her perma frown on Instagram and Twitter on the reg.

Koyuki looks mad even when she’s happy. And it’s not just a “I’m not in the mood” kind of look — it’s more of a “I will claw your eyes out in your sleep and love it” look. It’s all kinds of scary adorable.

Here are some of Koyuki’s most stellar scowls.

1. When she wanted a relaxing day on her cat condo.

“Just another day in paradise.”

2. When she clearly wanted to change the channel.

小雪に話しかける月島さん A photo posted by 怒ってなどいない (@marugaodesuyo) on

“I want to see Animal Planet, and I want it right now.”

3. When she stuck her tongue out, and it was shockingly long.


A photo posted by 怒ってなどいない (@marugaodesuyo) on

“You wanted a funny face photo? YOU GOT IT.”

4. When she finally got cozy and was interrupted by her human.

小雪の寝正月はつづく A photo posted by 怒ってなどいない (@marugaodesuyo) on

“Ugh, what now?”

5. When the sun beamed down on her, and she hated every minute of it.


A photo posted by 怒ってなどいない (@marugaodesuyo) on

“I prefer darkness — always.”

6. When her hiding place was discovered by a small child.

KOYUKI VS BABY A photo posted by 怒ってなどいない (@marugaodesuyo) on

“This is the only place I am not weighed down by the problems of society. You’ll learn that soon, kid.”

7. When she was given an orange and was utterly baffled by it.


A photo posted by 怒ってなどいない (@marugaodesuyo) on

“So, what am I supposed to do with this thing? Is there catnip inside?”

8. When she yawned, and it terrified everyone.

ああああああああぉあぉああ A photo posted by 怒ってなどいない (@marugaodesuyo) on

“I prefer to remain scary to all, even in times of extreme sleepiness.”

9. When her bed made her look like a menacing, yet refined young lady.


A photo posted by 怒ってなどいない (@marugaodesuyo) on

“Minding my P’s and Q’s whilst I plot your demise.”

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