Korea’s Live-Stream Of Snacking Cats Is Your Next Obsession

Join the thousands who tune in to Cats Meok Bang to watch cats hang out.

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Cat-restaurant dining is totally watchable. Viaeunje koo/YouTube
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Cats. They’re totally captivating. Even from afar. Just ask the thousands of people who tune in to a live stream of stray cats in Korea.

Cat Meok Bang is the product of a man in Korea named Koo Eun-je — aka BJ Cat Thief — and garners 110,000 views per month, according to The Verge. Koo’s setup broadcasts the comings and goings of five stray cats in his mother-in-law’s neighborhood, and people can’t get enough.

Never eat alone again when you can livestream cats eating with you.Viaeunje koo/YouTube

Never eat alone again when you can livestream cats eating with you.Viaeunje koo/YouTube

The name comes from the popular Meok Bang videos in Korea, which show people eating. (It’s a thing.) The cat version came about after Koo visited his mother-in-law and gave food leftovers to a stray cat outside. When he brought more food on a different day, more cats came around. He decided to set up a camera and created a channel for him and his wife to watch the feline. Suddenly 110,000 other fans began watching monthly.

Fans sent him virtual cash items and food and donations for the cats to continue helping Koo with what he calls “a restaurant for cats,” according to The Verge. He’s outfitted the camera area with mats, mood lighting and a menu board, so basically it is exactly that.

The news outlet reported that the live-stream was not available in the United States but it looks like Koo posts clips of the activity. And fans have uploaded favorite clips elsewhere. We see how this could easily become a fixation for cat people everywhere now. Total cat domination.

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