KollerCraft Rapids Pro RP90 Aquarium Filter Review

Chemical, biological and mechanical aquarium filtration system with UV sterilization.

The KollerCraft Rapids Pro RP90 Filter with UV Sterilizer is an all-in-one solution for those who want chemical, biological and mechanical filtration combined with UV sterilization capabilities but don’t have the space or want several different components hanging off the back of your aquarium. The system features a hang-on-the-back (HOB) style overflow box that brings in water from the tank and sends it to the UV sterilizer and through the mechanical, biological and chemical filter media and then back up to the HOB overflow box. The water is then sent back out to the tank.

It uses an 18 watt UV sterilizer and a pump rated at 460 gallons per hour, and ships with all the hoses and filter media necessary. It is rated for up to a 90 gallon aquarium. Installing the filter media involves removing the plastic wrapping off the various media (poly filter media, activated carbon, bioballs and ceramic rings), and keeping them in the same order in which they shipped in each media basket. The media baskets are large enough so you can use your favorite  media in these areas as well if you prefer. The overflow box, which takes up the same space as a traditional hang on the back filter features an adjustable water flow gate that gives you surface skimming capabilities. It also has a safety stop feature that prevents flooding in the event the power to the system is shut off. When power is restored the system automatically comes on.

I installed the system on a 55 gallon long freshwater community aquarium with several live plants and a variety of fish. Installing the system involves custom cutting the included hoses and clamping them with the included clamps to the HOB overflow box and the filter system, which sits under the tank in the aquarium cabinet. There is a recommended fill line on the filter system. I added several gallons of water pre-treated with Marineland Aquarium Conditioner to the fill line. I also added water to the overflow box to prime that as well and and turned the system on. Nothing happened. It turned out I did not correctly cut the hoses. After correctly cutting the return hoses, the system fired on all cylinders.

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First Impressions

I inadvertently had left a Marineland Double Bright LED light on for about five days during a vacation, which of course encouraged algae growth. After scraping and netting as much algae as I could, and doing a partial water change of 20 percent, the RP90 cleared the water in a matter of several hours and I was surprised at not only the ease of installation but the relative quietness of the system compared to the HOB filter that it replaced. After following the well written instructions (the user manual also has a nice troubleshooting guide),  the system was up and running in about 20 minutes. The unit, which is rated for aquariums from 40 to 90 gallons, works with both freshwater and saltwater aquariums and includes everything that you need to get it running, except scissors and a screwdriver. It is quiet and well built and most important, hidden in the aquarium cabinet. For more information, visit the KollerCraft website.



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