Koko the Gorilla Gets New Kitten Friends for Her Birthday, Signs ‘Put on Head’ for Kitten Party Hat

Video: Koko's new kittens might love the gorilla as much as she loves the new fluffy friends.

Since 1971, Koko the gorilla has made headlines for her signing abilities, understanding of the English language, and love for cats – the latter of which was documented in the children’s book “Koko’s Kitten.”

Although her relationship with her first kitten, All Ball, ended in tragedy (All Ball was hit by a car), for her 44th birthday, Koko’s trainer, Francine Patterson, wanted to do something extra special for the intelligent creature, and so she presented Koko with a box of kittens.

Captured on film in a video uploaded to YouTube, watch as Koko coos over the curious kittens, ultimately falling in love with two, whom she has since officially adopted.

While it was love at first sight for Koko when she spotted a gray kitten, now dubbed Ms. Gray; the second adoptee, a tabby named Ms. Black, took the initiative, falling in love with Koko, and crawling into her heart. The three have quickly become a close-knit happy family, with Ms. Gray and Ms. Black even assisting Patterson with Koko’s grooming!

Koko is able to understand more than 1,000 signs, and over 2,000 words of the spoken English language. Watch the video closely to see Koko sign the words “cat,” “baby” and “put on head,” – a request for Ms. Grey to be placed on her head.

If that tale doesn’t warm your heart on this Friday morning, we don’t know what will.


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