Koko The Gorilla Adopts 2 Kittens For Her Birthday

Koko the Gorilla loves babies, and for her 44th birthday, she got to adopt two kittens.

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This is love at its sweetest.
Chrissa Hardy

If this doesn’t make your heart melt into a puddle… no. It will, no matter what.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by kokoflix, Koko the Gorilla (the brilliant and amazing gorilla who knows sign language, has had several books written about her and feels all the feels), celebrates her 44th birthday by playing with a litter of kittens. And since Koko loves babies so much, and the chance to play with gorilla babies is so rare, she got to adopt not one but two of the kittens.

This isn’t the first time she has bonded with a kitten — there’s a book written about the first time she adopted a kitten — but it might just be the sweetest. Because not only did she instantly connect with a gray kitten she chose to adopt, but a black kitten fell in love with Koko and chose the gorilla to be her new family! Twice the fun and twice the cuteness is certainly what this incredible ape deserves.

She's the perfect mama. Via YouTube

She’s the perfect mama. Via YouTube

It’s absolutely incredible how gentle she is with the kittens, and just how loving Koko is in everyday life. There was no hesititation from the humans around her when they placed a box of tiny kittens in front of her. No concern as to how she would be or if she could be gentle. Koko is clearly a lover, not a fighter.

The best part of the video, by far, is the moment she asks in sign language to have one of the kittens placed on her head. She looks completely content to have the tiny furball kneading her scalp.

"Ditto," says everyone. Via YouTube

“Ditto,” says everyone. Via YouTube

Can we all have kittens put on our heads? Best. Birthday. Ever.

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