Kobe Bryant Talks Pet Peeves

The basketball star says he loves dogs, but hates cleaning up after them.

Basketball star Kobe Bryant says he loves dogs. Just don’t get him started on dog poop.

Bryant made the admission in a lengthy interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune. He opened up about his troubled relationship with ex-teammate Shaquille O’Neil, and spoke about everything from his favorite foods to his major pet peeve, which is something most dog lovers can appreciate.

“I absolutely hate dog poop,” said the Los Angeles Lakers captain. “You don’t understand. We have two dogs. I won’t go into a room if they’ve pooped in it. Someone has to clean that up.”
Bryant laughed about the passion he displayed for this particular peeve and tried to explain the intensity behind his feelings. “I don’t know,” he said. “Something bad must have happened to me as a child with dog poop.”

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