Know Your Ferret Lingo

Can you speak ferret?

Learn the ferret lingoAll pet owners have a special way of talking to and about their pets. Ferret owners are no different. Here are some wild and not-so-wild terms that ferret owners use. 

ACD: An abbreviation for adrenal cortical disease.
ADV: An abbreviation for Aleutian disease virus (See The Truth About AD info box).
AFA: The American Ferret Association,
Albino: A white ferret with red eyes.
Alligator Roll: When a ferret flips and rolls a playmate.
Blaze: A long, white mark that goes from a ferret’s forehead to between the ears to the back of the neck.
Business: A group of ferrets. One lady had so many, she called her group a corporation.
Champagne: A tan or diluted version of a chocolate ferret.
Chocolate: A milk-chocolate brown ferret.
Condos or Mansions: Large ferret cages.

For the full article, pick up the 2011 issue of Ferrets USA or click here to buy the issue.

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