Klepto Kitty Is Probably The Most Amazing Cat Burglar Ever

Snorri the cat has an addiction to pilfering random items from around the neighborhood. It's a good thing he's adorable!

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Hide your shoes. Hide your gloves. Snorri is at it again. Via Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

Life as a cat burglar isn’t easy. But it’s probably a cinch when you’re literally a cat who steals.

Snorri Sturluson is a cat who lives with his owner, Gabbi Hendel in Portland, Oregon. He’s a cute, orange tabby, who suffers from a very bad habit: stealing. As reported by ABC News, Snorri’s a notorious local shoe-napper and his haul is well-documented on Instagram.

Snorri’s owner has even installed a cat collar camera on him to show his YouTube followers how and what he does to get the thievery job done.

The Klepto Kitty shows no signs of slowing down in terms of his affliction, but who cares? The neighbors probably don’t like having their shoes stolen on a regular basis, but just LOOK AT THAT FACE. Snorri can really do no wrong, even when he’s committing crimes.

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