Kitty Bungalow Opens Soup Kitchen

A "soup kitchen" that provides meals for fixed feral cats helps cat colonies eat for a week.

IMG_1919 The holidays are a time when people reach in their pockets to help out those in need. Animals often find themselves in need of a little extra help. That’s where Kitty Bungalow’s soup kitchen steps in.

readying our little kittens for their forever loving homes, we thought about the felines who really could use some charity this season. For us the answer was easy: the feral street cats.
Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward cats stands alone as a feral-cat rescue organization in Southern California. The group sees feral cats misrepresented and maligned in the media consistently, and turns the focus back to the source. The cat overpopulation problem is a problem created by people; therefore, people must find a humane solution, rather than blame the cats.
This year, Wellness Cat food generously donated enough food to supply 6,000 meals for homeless cats. During Kitty Bungalow’s Holiday Soup Kitchen, colony managers gave enough food to get fixed feral cats from Christmas to New Year’s Eve.

Celebrities joined in, including animal lover Elaine Hendrix (“Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll”) and Maitland Ward (“White Chicks”). 

“It takes nothing away from us as a society to include the four-legged when we care for others, especially during the holidays.” Hendrix said. “In fact, helping animals only helps us humans in the long run.”

This year marked Kitty Bungalow’s first foray into providing a winter “soup kitchen.” Headmistress Shawn Simons says she runs a donation-based f”School Lunch” Program year-round to supplement low-income feeders with food for fixed colonies. The cheer could spread all year if folks helped contribute.

“We can always use donations towards that program so we can keep this Christmas cheer all year round!”

Colony managers arrived at 11:00 am and were treated to hot cider and Christmas music before the gates opened. Each person was allotted boxes of Wellness by the size of the colony they care for. Elaine and Maitland spoke to each colony manager thanking them for what they do to keep the feral felines safe and fed. Kitty Bungalow had volunteers with reindeer antlers and carts to help take the food to the cars. Each manager also left with a tin of premium cat nip from The Original Cat Scratch Lounger to take home for their own cat.

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