Unlike Most Cats, These Kittens Absolutely Love Bath Time

When it's time to get a bath, these Siamese kittens are more than happy to oblige.

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Bath time is the best time. Via PAWsitive/Rumble

It’s a shame that cats are known to hate bath time. They really don’t know what they’re missing.

But in a video uploaded to Rumble by PAWsitive, four kittens learned the lesson early, of how vital a proper bath is to living your best life.

Via PAWsitive/Rumble

“Between this and a tongue, I choose THIS.” Via PAWsitive/Rumble

It’s necessary for good hygiene, the warm water is comforting, and most importantly, it’s incredibly relaxing.

Via PAWsitive/Rumble

Scrub-a-dub dub. Via PAWsitive/Rumble

These Siamese kittens were abandoned by their mother, a stray, and discovered crying beneath a bush. Good Samaritans found them, and began bottle-feeding them. Since bottle feeding can be a messy process, these cute kitties got a bath, and they all fully enjoyed the experience.

Via PAWsitive/Rumble

“Clean me, human. And wake me up when you’re done.” Via PAWsitive/Rumble

Hopefully they remember this positive experience, and once they find forever homes, willingly accept and embrace the goodness in bath time.

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