Hungry, Hungry Kittens Climb Owner Like A Tree At Dinnertime

When these kittens get hungry, nothing will stop them from reaching food.

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Will climb for food. Via Jennifer DiPietro/Facebook

There is one fundamental truth that every species shares: Very few things can come between an animal and their dinner.

And in a video uploaded to Facebook by Jennifer DiPietro, two kittens show off their primal, hunter sides by climbing up their owner to reach their dinner.

Via Jennifer DiPietro/Facebook

These legs were made for climbin’ apparently. Via Jennifer DiPietro/Facebook

They both use their owner’s leg as their path to the counter (where their food dishes are being filled), and he has to pull them off one at a time to complete the task of feeding them.

Via Jennifer DiPietro/Facebook

“Don’t mind if we do.” Via Jennifer DiPietro/Facebook

But the moment their tiny kitten feet are back the ground, they climb right back up his leg, as if he’s a tree, sprouting chunks of wet food from his fingertips.

Something tells us these kittens will be extremely adventures when they grow up.

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