Kittenproofing for Safety

Follow these six tips to help keep your home safe for your kitten.

The best way to treat emergencies is to prevent them. This is accomplished by kittenproofing your home. Kittens get into everything closets, drawers, garbage cans, toilets, boxes, bags, sofa cushions and more.

1. If you have children, go through your home and pick up all toys less than 2 inches in length.

2. Pick up any coins, paper clips, rubber bands, ribbons, string, tape and other small objects a curious kitten might swallow.

3. Keep cleaning supplies and chemicals locked away.

4. Be mindful of electric cords, as kittens enjoy chewing on them, risking electrocution.

5. Household plants (fresh and dried) can be toxic.

6. Make certain that your windows are always closed and fitted with sturdy screens and screen locks. Kittens seek out high places, and an open window ledge can spell disaster.

The few hours it takes to kittenproof your home may be the best investment in your kitten’s future.

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