Kitten Who Joined Ferret Family Now Acts Like A Ferret

A homeless kitten found a new family in a home with five ferrets, and a Twitter account follows their life together.

tiny kitten
Via @garo000giru/Twitter 
Komari was a tiny kitten when she joined her new family — a family with numerous ferrets.

It can be a scary thing being adopted. One little kitten who had no home earlier this year got adopted on June 4 and joined her new family. Little did she know that the family included five boy ferrets. Her adventures with her new brothers have been tweeted regularly by Twitter user @garo004giru.

Photos and videos show that the kitten, named Komari, was shaky and insecure at first, but very soon she settled into the ways of the new household. And those ways included sleeping in a ferret pile, bouncing around for plenty of play, sleeping in odd positions and more. In fact, after a few months, she got her own kitty T-shirt that declared she was a ferret. Now that’s solidarity. 

No matter how these pampered pets act, some species differences can’t be denied. Namely, Komari has grown quite a bit. Once she was smaller than her ferret siblings in fur (who, incidentally, increased to six along the way instead of five), but now she looks to be at least twice their size. It doesn’t matter. This family still sleeps in a pile, grooms each other and plays with passion.

Of all the ferret pairings with different species, cats are often the most successful. Ferrets are carnivores and predators, as are cats. Of course, care must be taken when allowing any different species to interact. Ferrets and prey animals are definitely not a good mix.

All photos and videos via @garo004giru.

Sleeping in a pile in odd positions? Yup, that’s the ferret way! 

kitten sleeping with ferrets
Via @garo000giru/Twitter 

Komari soon discovered that ferret tails are great playthings!

Hugs are important for a kitten. 

ferret and kitten cuddle
Via @garo000giru/Twitter 

You know you’re an accepted part of the family when you can use a sibling as a scratching post.

Komari shows she has even more energy than ferrets here, and the sleepy ferrets are chill about her rambunctiousness.

Playtime is frenetic for ferrets, and also kittens who play with ferrets!

It takes a ferret and a kitten to escape this bubble-wrap trap!

Grooming is important for everyone in a kitten/ferret family.

Near the end of August, Komari’s increasing size is becoming apparent. 

kitten on ferret pile
Via @garo000giru/Twitter 

By September, Komari had embraced her ferretness. 

kitten in T-shirt
Via @garo000giru/Twitter 

A comparison of fluffy tails sees Komari pulling ahead as she grows. 

ferret and kitten lying down next to each other
Via @garo000giru/Twitter 

And nothing says you’re family like having a tender moment photo bombed!

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