Kitten With Twisted Arms And Legs Finds Loving Forever Home

Nothing can keep Pretzel the kitten down. She's a tough little lady.

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Her name is Pretzel and she's a tiny little warrior. Via PAWsitive/Rumble Video
Chrissa Hardy

It’s amazing what you can overcome when your will to live is strong.

A kitten named Pretzel had all the odds stacked against her. But thanks to her strong will (and loving support from some kind humans), she is finally thriving.

In a video uploaded to Rumble by PAWsitive, Pretzel’s tough start to life is recounted. From being dumped at the shelter with her siblings just hours after her birth, to her abnormally twisted arms and legs making it difficult to walk, to her siblings dying young, poor little Pretzel couldn’t catch a break.

Via PAWsitive/Rumble Video

How could you not fall in love with this ball of sweetness? Via PAWsitive/Rumble Video

But she was one tough kitty. Pretzel continued to grow under the care of her foster family, and her genetic abnormality didn’t stop her from getting around.

Via PAWsitive/Rumble Video

She’s a fighter, and a lover. And most importantly, a survivor. Via PAWsitive/Rumble Video

She behaved as any cat would, and after eight months, ended up finding a wonderfully loving forever home. Pretzel’s new owner adores her just how she is, and this amazing cat has the happy ending she so deserves.

Watch the video below to learn more about Pretzel’s journey:

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