Kitten Squeezes In To Mystery Spot In Car. In Related News, Man Disassembles His Car To Save Kitten.

A man took apart his SUV to free a trapped cat.

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This cat thought hiding in a car chassis was a great idea. Via Lowe's West Boca/Sun Sentinel

A guy running errands didn’t expect “take apart entire car” to be on his list, but to save a tiny kitten, he added it.

On May 1, Paul Pontrelli of Boca Raton, Florida, heard a mewing sound while parked in a home improvement store lot and dismantled his car to free a kitten trapped within, the Sun Sentinel reports. Witnesses say it took Pontrelli three hours to find the tiny cat.

Pontrelli, 70, heard meows from somewhere inside his red Mazda SUV. Nothing was under the hood, so he had to look closer. The news outlet reports that a man named John Russo joined in the search, thinking Pontrelli had car trouble.

It took three hours and five people to find and free a kitten trapped in an SUV. ViaLowe's West Boca/Sun Sentinel

It took three hours and five people to find and free a kitten trapped in an SUV. Via Lowe’s West Boca/Sun Sentinel

As they worked on the car, three store employees came to help.

“Nobody was leaving until we could get this little kitten out of the car,” Pontrelli told the paper.

After three hours, Russo found the kitten between the front bumper and a headlight and freed the scared young cat. When that was done it was a matter of patching the car up again. And giving high fives.

“We were all slapping hands and hugging each other,” Pontrelli told the news outlet. “We were ecstatic.”

Pontrelli guessed the black kitten was around 6 weeks old. The store’s manager adopted the kitten and named her Mazda, and by all accounts is doing well.

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