Kitten Rental All the Rage in Silicon Valley

A new spin on cat fostering sparks a trend for companies to keep kittens in offices.

Wordless Wednesday: Caption this! Alien baby! We can’t tell if this kitten is really shocked or just very, very odd. What’s going on here? (a)

Posted by Humane Society Silicon Valley on Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Silicon Valley may be well-known for tech innovation, but the latest trend to come out of the southern San Francisco Bay area is kitten rentals. Before you hiss at potential injustice of the “renting” kittens know this: it’s actually just a rebranding of the classic feline fostering program that oh-so many humane societies and shelters rely on for the care and keeping of their adoptables.

“It’s the only affordable rental in the Bay Area: it’s free,” Finnegan Dowling, spokesperson for the Humane Society Silicon Valley told The Huffington Post about the latest twist on kitten fostering. “We provide the food, the supplies, the vet care and the kittens. You just bring them in for regular checkups and bring them in when they’re old enough to be adopted.”

Humane societies rely on foster families to socialize and love the animals that come across their paths; while freeing up space in shelters, reducing euthanasia rates. With spring and summer being ‘kitten season’, the rebranding from kitten foster to kitten rentals adds a hip, fun-loving touch to the tried and true trend, enticing newbies to join in the cat craze by adding a kitten or two to their home (temporarily).

“We seem to have a never-ending stream of kittens available,” Dowling says. “There’s a lot of awesome people who love kittens, would have a blast doing it and would do a great job.”

 “Kitten rentals” sound seriously awesome to us, and wouldn’t mind ‘having a few furballs of our own. How about you?

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