Kitten Has The Most Hilarious Reaction To Seeing Her Reflection

When a kitten saw herself in the mirror, she practically lost her mind. It was adorable.

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Chrissa Hardy

You know that moment when you’re exhausted, unshowered, sans makeup and you randomly notice your reflection in a nearby mirror?

The very same terrified and appalled expression is the reaction a kitten recently had when she noticed her own reflection in a mirror. In a video uploaded to YouTube by Kyoot Animals, the kitten is seemingly having a chill day and then she sees a mirror close by.

"Ooh, what's this shiny, rectangular surface? Whoa, WTF?!!!" Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

“Ooh, what’s this shiny, rectangular surface? Whoa, WTH?!!!” Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

The kitten approaches, curious, and then LOSES IT when she notices a kitten looking right back at her.

The dance doesn’t end there, though. In fact, the kitten literally has an awkward dance-off with the cat in the mirror.


“Oh, you think you got moves? Just watch this.” Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

Spoiler alert: They both lose, but we all win for getting to witness it.

 Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

“Oh, but can you do THIS?!” Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

Then things get even sloppier when the kitten attempts some tumbles and flips on the carpet, all while maintaining eye contact with her 2D twin.

Happy Monday, everyone.

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