Kitten On A Clothesline Rescued!

Video: two men successfully save a kitten dangling from a clothesline off an apartment building.

Getting help from friends in high places.

File this one under strange rescues you have to see to believe.

While looking out their apartment window, two men spot something out of the ordinary over their heads: a wee black kitten dangling perilously from a thin clothesline. Hanging on with just a claw, mewing for help, the men know that they have to act fast to save the kitten from injury or death.

One grabs a large rug, holding it open below the kitten, while the other man uses a long broom to gently knock the kitten from above into the makeshift safety net.

The entire rescue, lasting only momentarily, is a success. And, like with all great rescues, was caught on tape. Watch it above!

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