Kitten Meowing in the Litterbox

Does a meowing kitten in the litterbox want to be petted? We kind of hope not.

My kitten meows when she’s littering. Why? Does she want me to pet her or something? Nourah Zahrani

Cats need a lot of veterinary attention when they’re young. They need to have their first shots and they need to be spayed or neutered. In your case, your little kitten also needs to be examined to make sure she’s not crying in her litterbox because she’s in pain.

Your kitten might have an infection that will need to be attacked with a round of antibiotics. Your kitten also could be constipated. There is a chance, however, that your kitten is perfectly healthy and just likes to talk.

She probably doesn’t want you to pet her. But if she does want that, I think you should ignore that request. Petting your cat as she urinates and defecates wouldn’t be pleasant for you, and then your gross cat question would turn even grosser. Instead of asking why she cries when she litters you’ll be writing in to say that your cat will only use her litterbox when you sit on the floor and pet her while she goes, and that would really be a stinky problem.

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