Kitten Knitter: Woman Makes Bibs For Bottle Babies

What's cuter than a weeks-old kitten? A weeks-old kitten in a tiny knitted bib, that's what.

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The cuteness is overwhelming. Via WVLT-TV
Anastasia Thrift

A woman in London County, Tennessee, is doing the impossible: making tiny, cute kittens even cuter.

Anna Moneymaker is knitting bibs for kittens eating from bottles, WVLT-TV reports. She fosters kittens and knows how messy the little ones can be, so she put adorbs little bibs on them. We are dying.


Why are these kittens wearing bibs? Chynna Greene WVLT tells us why at 6 p.m. on Local 8 News.

Posted by WVLT Local 8 on Thursday, July 13, 2017

“I basically went everywhere trying to look for a small bib so when I’m bottle feeding or giving them their medicine, they can catch it because I’m always trying to clean it up, and I couldn’t find anything,” Moneymaker told the news outlet.

“I haz a bib.” Via WVLT-TV

In 20 minutes, Moneymaker can knit three or four bibs. She keeps the lil’ kittehs in mind while knitting.

“In case I put the kitten down and they get into something, it just breaks away. I didn’t want to put a button on it or anything because they play pretty rough when they’re older,” Moneymaker told the news outlet.

We knew kitten cuteness was limitless — but we didn’t know how far it could be tested. Thank you for showing us!

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