Kitten History: Sphynx

People are always asking about the origins of this mysterious breed.

Sphynx © Helmi Flick How many times have people asked you about the origins of your Sphynx kitten? His unique, hairless appearance is sure to elicit many questions and comments. Do you know what to tell curious friends?

The Sphynx owes its sweet, wrinkled expression to a hairless kitten born in Toronto, Canada, in 1966. The result of a natural mutation, the hairless kitty captivated cat lovers, who decided to perpetuate the look. Over the course of 30 years, cat breeders in Europe and the United States worked to create a genetically sound cat with a large gene pool and robust vigor.

In 1998, the Cat Fanciers Association accepted the Sphynx for registration and competition in the miscellaneous class. The breed has captivated cat lovers and the public, with Sphynx cats appearing on television and in the movies.

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