Kitten History: Snowshoe

Neither mask nor mittens can disguise this handsome kittens obvious appeal.

Snowshoe © Helmi FlickA bandit-like mask frames your Snowshoe kittens blue eyes, while white mittens dress her paws. Dark points grace her tail and ears. How did she come by such stunning good looks?

The Snowshoe breed can trace its roots to the Siamese and the American Shorthair. In 1960, Dorothy Hinds Daugherty discovered three unusual kittens in a litter of Siamese babies. Each of the unique kittens had four white paws along with the traditional Siamese points.

Daugherty wanted to duplicate the look, so she crossed one of her Siamese cats with a bicolor American Shorthair. Vikki Olander fell in love with the breed and joined Daugherty in her efforts. The Snowshoe breed was on its way.

The Cat Fanciers Federation accepted the breed in 1974, with championship status granted in 1983. The American Cat Fanciers Association granted championship status in 1990. Currently breeders are working to meet the Cat Fanciers Association requirements for registration.


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