Kitten History: Singapura

A ticked coat and a purrrfect penchant for affection make this breed an endearing pet.

Singapura © Helmi FlickFrom the streets of Singapore to your living room couch the Singapura has traveled great distances to become a beloved pet. But that kitten of yours would not be snuggling with you now without the efforts of Hal and Tommy Meadow.

While living in Singapore, the couple noticed the drain cat, and was intrigued by its unusual appearance. They brought several of the cats into the United States when they returned home in the 1970s. The Meadows were captivated by the Southeast Asian cats ticked coat pattern and dark brown color, as well as its endearing pet qualities.

A careful breeding program helped the breed grow in popularity. The Cat Fanciers Association accepted the Singapura for registration in 1982, with championship status granted in 1988.


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