Kitten History: Scottish Fold

For ears a jolly-good feline.

Scottish Fold © Helmi FlickVisitors to your home may comment on your Scottish Fold kittens adorable ears: He looks like an owl! Those ears make him look like a bear! Where did he get those ears?

Your kitten can thank a barn cat named Susie for his distinctive, folded ears. In 1961, William Ross spotted Susie at a farm in the Tayside region of Scotland, and asked her owners if he could keep her. Susies folded ears captivated Ross, and he began breeding her to perpetuate the charming mutation.

It wasn’t long before cat enthusiasts in the United States fell in love with the Scottish Fold. The unique breed received Cat Fanciers Association championship status in 1978, and the breed quickly became a favorite of breeders and pet owners.

Though popular, the Scottish Fold is one of the rarer cat breeds. Because the gene that produces the folded ears is incompletely dominant, not all kittens develop them. Owning one of these precious cats puts you among an elite group of dedicated fanciers.

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