Kitten History: Russian Blue

Luminous green eyes and a silver-tipped coat confer a singular beauty upon this kitten.

Russian Blue © Helmi FlickThe Russian Blue is captivating, without question. His short, dense coat is soft to the touch, and his lithe body shows regal bearing. Some cat lovers believe this royal demeanor reflects the Russian Blues heritage.

While some believe the Russian Blue is descended from the royal cats kept by Russian Czars, the true origin of this breed remains a mystery. Many believe the breed originates from the Archangel Isles in northern Russia. Legend tells us that the cats were brought from the Isles to Northern Europe and England in the 1860s.

From wherever they originally hailed, Russian Blues made their exhibition debut at the Crystal Palace in 1875, shown together with other blue-coated breeds. In 1912, the Russian Blue received its own class; some of the cats subsequently made their way to the United States. The breed began gaining popularity in the 1960s, and is today a favorite in both the show ring and the pet home.

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