Kitten History: Ragdoll

This breed is renowned for its uncommonly gentle nature.

Ragdoll © Helmi FlickWhat a sweet expression your blue-eyed Ragdoll kitten gives you! That look of wide-eyed innocence reflects the sweet, gentle personality that helped her breed earn its name.

The Ragdoll breed began in the 1960s, thanks to Josephine, a gentle longhaired cat with Siamese markings. Josephines owner, Ann Baker, recognized her cats beauty and sweet nature. She began breeding her to similar cats and created the type standard for todays Ragdoll.

The large, longhaired cats are known for their big blue eyes and pointed markings. The Ragdoll comes in four patterns and six colors. The Cat Fanciers Association currently recognizes two patterns for championship status: bicolors and vans. Mitted and pointed Ragdolls have registration status with CFA.

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