Kitten History: Pixiebob

This kittens exotic appearance calls to mind the wild looks of the North American Bobcat.

Pixie-Bob © Helmi FlickA wildcat-look is just what breeders hoped to achieve when they began a breeding program to create a new, domestic cat.

Legends surround the Pixiebob, some claiming they are descended from a chance meeting between a wild Bobcat and a domestic cat. Most Pixiebob breeders will tell you that these beautiful, desert-cat cousins owe their start to Carol Ann Brewer and her legend cats. Brewer founded her breeding program with wild-looking domestics with short tails, leading to the Pixiebobs we know today.

The International Cat Association accepted the Pixiebob as an experimental breed in 1994, followed by acceptance as new breed and color in 1995. Championship status came in 1996. Today the breed is shown in shorthair and longhair varieties, garnering many awards.


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