Kitten History: Oriental Shorthair

A coat of many colors characterizes this active, delightful breed.

Oriental Shorthair © Helmi FlickWith their sleek Siamese appearance, a litter of Oriental Shorthair kittens is an active, vocal, colorful delight. In fact, the Oriental Shorthair is identical to the Siamese in all but coat color.

Oriental Shorthairs can be any color or pattern except pointed, with hundreds of combinations possible. In fact, the breed was created with coat variety in mind. Breeders assure potential owners that you’re sure to find a coat color and pattern to meet your personal preferences.

The Oriental Shorthair was accepted for championship status in the Cat Fanciers Association in 1977, and quickly became one of CFAs most popular breeds. The breed continues to win-over enthusiasts today.

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