Kitten History: Ocicat

Wild-looking spots and athletic grace characterize this sweet kitten.

Ocicat © Helmi FlickThis breeds short, spotted coat and well-muscled body are the result of careful breeding by dedicated enthusiasts.

In some ways, the Ocicat was a happy accident. The original Oci kitten was an unexpected result of an attempt to produce a Siamese with Abyssinian points. Virginia Daly was working with Siamese, Abyssinian and American Shorthair cats to produce the elusive Aby-pointed cat, and was taken by surprise by an ivory kitten with golden spots.

Dalys daughter named the new breed Ocicat, after the ocelot. The Cat Fanciers Association recognized the breed in 1966, but more than two decades passed before it was accepted for championship status in 1987.

Ocicats now have a strong, loyal following in the United States and countries around the world, including Australia, England, Italy, Africa and Thailand.

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