Kitten History: LaPerm

Born hairless, this unique tabby reveals its full, curly coat at about 4 months old.

LaPerm © Helmi FlickYour kittens beguiling waves and curly fur are warm and soft to the touch. But just where did the little LaPerm get her unique coat?

The first kitten to show this unique mutation was born on an Oregon farm in 1982. The female kitten was born completely bald, but her skin showed the classic tabby pattern. When she was about 8 weeks old, she began to grow soft, curly hair; by the age of 4 months, she had a full curly coat.

The curly female soon had kittens of her own, some showing the same unique coat characteristics. The cats owner recognized their uniqueness and sought help from experienced breeders. She named the curly-coated cuties LaPerm, after their wavy or rippled appearance.

These affectionate cats come in a rainbow of colors. The breed is currently accepted in the provisional class in the Cat Fanciers Association.

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