Kitten History: Korat

This silver charmer has been a symbol of good fortune and prosperity for centuries.

Korat © Helmi FlickShe’s your new lucky charm, your Korat kitten: gazing at you with green eyes that herald good crops; and covered in fur the color of silver, signifying wealth. For centuries this native cat of Thailand has been a symbol of good fortune.

The Korat, or Si-Sawat, has been revered and cherished by the Thai people throughout the ages. A Korat is depicted in The Cat-Book Poems, an ancient work, and in paintings. Other folk tales state that the Korat was named by King Rama V.

A cat this beautiful couldn’t stay hidden from the cat fancy for long. The first pair of Korats entered the United States in 1959, and the breed was accepted for championship status in the Cat Fanciers Association in 1966. Though a relatively rare breed, the Korat enjoys a strong and dedicated following.

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