Kitten History: Himalayan

Your sweet Himalayan kitten is from a breed loved the world over.

Himalayan © Helmi FlickThe wildly popular Himalayan owes its good looks to the Persian, which it most closely resembles, and the Siamese, from whom it achieved its colored points. Your sweet Himalayan kitten is from a breed loved the world over.

British breeder Brian Sterling-Webb worked diligently over 10 years to create a longhaired cat with the pointed colors of the Siamese. He won recognition for his breed from the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy in 1955. Two years later, the Cat Fanciers Association granted the breed registration status, requiring breeders to show three generations of pure Himalayan breedings before granting championship status.

The next 10 years saw a rapid growth in the Himalayans popularity. As the breed matured, however, it began to lose its resemblance to the Persian. Breeders stepped back to reevaluate their goals, and in the early 1970s, renewed emphasis was placed on breeding to achieve the Persian type.

In 1984, the CFA elected to move the Himalayan into a division of the Persian breed, a controversial decision that reflected the breeds similarities to the Persian. Today, the Himalayan continues to garner awards in the show ring and attract enthusiasts of all ages. 

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