Kitten History: Cornish Rex

This lovely breed originates from England.

Cornish Rex © Helmi FlickOne touch of your Cornish Rex kittens coat, and it was love. Do you remember how surprisingly soft it felt that first time? But how did he end up with those tight curls and soft waves?

Mother Nature threw the cat fancy a curve with a genetic mutation in 1950. An ordinary red and white farm cat in Cornwall, England, gave birth to a litter that included a long, thin, curly-coated male with huge ears and a long slender tail. Even his whiskers were curvy! Cat lovers recognized the unusual beauty of the kitten and named the striking new breed after the kittens place of origin, Cornwall, and the rabbits with similar curly coats, Rex.

The breed made its way to the United States in 1957, catching the interest of breeders and cat lovers after a photo of Cornish Rex appeared in Life magazine in 1956. Though the cats were scarce, dedicated breeders began programs to preserve and promote the curly cats. The Cat Fanciers Association began registering the cats in 1962, and accepted them for championship status in 1964. Today, Cornish Rex cats consistently win top awards at shows and continue to win over fans with their soft coats and endearing personalities.


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